WAV Loops and Samples

Free-Instrumentals.com is proud to present the newest expansion of the web site, free Wav samples. The samples you download from this page are all high quality 16 bit .Wav files that are compatible with Acid Pro, Fruity Loops, Sonar, or virtually any other sequencing software or hardware that supports it. If you would like to share these links on your web site, please copy and spread them around.

They have been pulled from our sample library and are free to download from this web site. The free wav samples will be bundled inside either RAR or ZIP files and you will need to extract them to your hard drive with RarZilla or another similar program.

Name Sample count Size  
Chillout loops   550 wav samples 589 MB
Disco/House loops   709 wav samples 494 MB
Reggae loops 596 wav samples 546 MB
Rap and hip hop loops 761 wav samples 571 MB
Bass lines 30 wav samples 16.8 MB
Guitar riffs 41 wav samples 29.8 MB
Random beats 53 wav samples 19.8 MB
One hits 483 wav samples 22.4 MB
Keyboards 2 90 wav samples 45.9 MB
Keyboards 1 91 wav samples 44.2 MB
FX collection 50 wav samples 15.2 MB
Hip Hop Loops and Samples 641 wav samples 513.9 MB
Rock & Pop Loops and Samples 834 wav samples 519 MB
Ambient Loops and Samples 466 wav samples 555 MB
Drum loops 20 wav samples 15.4 MB