Make money from the internet

There are a lot of web sites that promise you will make money online and sometimes it can be difficult and time consuming to sort through the ones that are scams and the web sites that are legitimate businesses. I know, I've been searching for the most effective ways to earn an income online that really pay for over 5 years now.

If you are a web site owner and have some knowledge about coding such as HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP than this will be a lot easier for you to implement. If you are not than there are still some options for you but they may not be as profitable.

Passive income?

Passive income is a regular source of money earned by an individual who is not working for an hourly wage. In my opinion this is the best way to earn a living because it puts you back in control of your money and not someone else. Developing passive income streams can be a challenge at first but once you set some small goals you can grow them later on.

You must be realistic when starting out trying to make money online, don't be foolish and think you can get rich quick because it won't happen without a great deal of effort on your part. A reasonable place to start is trying to earn something like $50 a month through your online income streams. This in itself is a bigger goal achieved than you may believe because you have sown the seeds to grow it larger over time.

Where do I start?

If you are a web savvy and have experience with building web sites than this is the best place to start. Set your sights on putting up a unique web site that you truly believe will draw visitors. Understand that search engines reward original content and punish plagiarism with lower ranking. You must build a web site around a topic or theme that you know about to make it easier on yourself in the long run. If you are trying to build a site about things you have no knowledge of it may be destined to failure without the proper research.

Think about the things in your life that you are passionate about, think about the value you can deliver to your visitors and how you will reach out to them. This will make it easier to brainstorm and the ideas will begin to flow. Don't forget to write those gems down!

Web hosting?

You will also be needing web hosting from a reliable company and the best out there is Bravenet, their service is user friendly and the support is top notch. They have 99.9% uptime and I have gladly been with them for over five years now.

Google AdSense

For webmaster who have a well though out site that is on the internet and ready to go, the best place to start is with pay per click advertising. My personal recommendation is to go with Google's AdSense program. It is the most advanced and has the best reputation. They pay out at the $100 USD threshold with your choice of payment option. I get mine through electronic fund transfer straight to my bank account and it works every time, every month. The good thing about Google is they are legit and you don't have to worry about them going out of business and screwing you out of a payment.

The great thing about the AdSense program is how well it works. The customization of the ads is up to you! You can filter what type of ads go on your web site, adjust the colors of ads, get advice on the best placement and away you go. Their terms of service are pretty easy to abide by as well. The standard things you would expect like no hate sites, pornography, pirated software or other things that would go against common sense.

Don't bother trying to cheat Google AdSense by clicking your own ads either or devising some scheme to have it done for you. That is a good way to get your account closed.


Another great option for webmasters to monetize their web sites is to go with CPAlead. The way this works is this; lets say you have a web site with some mp3 music files you have made and are offering them for free. What you can do is use CPAlead's special widgets to lock that content.

Basically when your web site user wants to download your music they must first unlock the content by completing a survey or an offer. Each completion will earn you money, and when you get to the $50 USD threshold they payout.

CPAlead is an excellent way to provide your unique digital downloads for free to the public and still earn yourself some money indirectly. Now I say "unique digital downloads" because they also have terms and conditions to abide by. This means no pirated music/software/etc... Don't think you can steal someone else's files and run it for long without getting your account shut down. You must own the copyright.

The CPAlead content locker also works well for information too. If you have a web site that provides valuable free information this can be an option for you to monetize it without your visitors having to pay anything out of their own pockets. All it will cost them is a bit of their time if they are truly interested in your content.

Cash Crate

Cash Crate is an option for everyone for developing a passive income stream. You do not need any web site skills or a web site at all to sign up with them. You can earn money by filling out surveys and completing offers they have available. Market research companies pay a lot of money each year to know what you think about products that are out there. Cash Crate gives you the opportunity to cash in on this.

They also have an excellent referral program so if you can get your friends to participate than you can boost your income that way as well. This is a legit company that has been around since 2006 and has paid out millions of dollars to their members already. If you want to see some proof just check out their web site and more importantly their "payment wall" where real members share photographs of their checks.

Cash crate has an excellent community and you can talk to other members via their forums if you need an additional reason as to why you should sign up too.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!


Clickbank is an affiliate marketing company, this means that when you sign up as an affiliate you get to browse through their marketplace of digital products and decide what you want to sell. Every product comes with details about its current performance and tells you the commission percentage you can make. It even tells you the dollar figure you will make from each successful sale. The Clickbank marketplace is huge and has so many thousands of products such as ebooks to choose from.

What you must do is chose products that are best suited and relate to your web site or newsletter. You then promote these products on your web site and talk about their usefulness and why people should spend their hard earned money on that particular product. Some of the commissions you can earn are as high as 75%!

Clickbank will add a tracking ID to the product links you are promoting and be able to trace the sale back to your account through this technology. All you have to do is develop clever web site pages to convince people to buy and collect your commission. Clickbank pays via check at the minimum threshold of $10 USD.